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The United States is a global leader in sustainable seafood thanks to a rigorous science-based fisheries management process. FishWatch provides information on popular seafood harvested or farmed in the U.S. to help consumers make smart, sustainable seafood choices.

True’s Beaked Whales: Secret No Longer

Researchers Gather Trove of Data on These Elusive Deep-Divers For a month this summer, researchers from the Northeast Fisheries Science Center and colleagues surveyed the waters south of Cape Cod along the edge of the continental shelf and farther offshore looking for True’s beaked whales, a species about which very little is known. On this cruise, however, researchers made what could be a beaked whale breakthrough, seeing or hearing multiple True’s beaked whales nearly every […]

Give Us Your Feedback on the National Bycatch Report

NOAA Fisheries is conducting a review to evaluate whether and how to improve the National Bycatch Report. NOAA Fisheries is responsible for monitoring and managing bycatch and bycatch mortality of living marine resources in U.S. fisheries. As part of that effort, we produced the National Bycatch Report in 2011, and updates in 2014 (Update 1) and 2016 (Update 2), to provide bycatch estimates at the fishery and species level. The National Bycatch Report is not a […]

Seafood Import Restrictions

All shrimp, curvina, sierra, and chano fish and fish products imported under certain harmonized tariff schedule codes from Mexico as the country of origin, must be accompanied on arrival to the United States by a certification of admissibility certifying that they either did not originate from Upper Gulf of California gillnet fisheries, or if from the Upper Gulf, were not caught using gillnets within the vaquita’s range.

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